You are more likely asking us to integrate functions at the crossroad of purchasing and R & D Dept. For ODM and OEM companies, optimizing the new product development process is indeed a major challenge..

The cost issue

80% of costs are fixed in the design process, so it is essential to have an efficient purchasing process when developing new products.

The time-to-market issue

Cross functionnal teams are involved in the development of new products: The R & D, the purchasing department and the product and project managers. A significant number of technical data and prices are exchanged between all these actors.

BOM management and costing, data sharing, RFQs and component obsolescence

In order to meet the challenges of cost and time-to-market, teams find themselves facing many problems that become increasingly difficult to manage.

Sharing technical data and specifications: usually managed by countless files and emails.

BOM management: Preparing BOMs based on data from the E-CAD, monitoring and traceability of successive versions.

Control of approved sources: For electronic components in particular, recording the various sources approved or underway. Mastering these data and exchanges with subcontractors is key for quality.

Follow-up of RFQs and centralizing supplier quotations: These are essential for the cost management; they are made by the R & D directly to suppliers or via the purchasing department.

Calculating the product price throughout the product development: Finding all prices and regularly updating the “product price” whilst receiving quotations.

Component obsolescence: verify that the components used in the product are not obsolete or are not likely to become in the future.

The project module will be available in the new 3.3 version


  • A complete management of BOM with import functions for Excel.
  • Actual management of multi-sourcing
  • The centralization of the technical specifications

Price Quotation

  • RFQs can be made by R&D teams or may also be generated from buyers that converted BOMs on RFQs
  • The R & D team can follow in real time the progress of their requests
  • The ability to dispatch the RFQs to different buyers

BOM Costing

  • The ability to cost different scenarios quantities, and monitor costs for successive BOM versions
  • All offers from pricing requests are automatically available in the costing tool.

Project management

  • The whole project view for its manager who may follow every RFQ and BOM costings.